Lakeview teachers and staff are the BEST!  Do you want to spoil one of them today?  
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Ms. Joyce Wilson


July 13 


Ms. Saettel


July 31

Ms. Weining

January 15 

Ms. Lewis

November 23



Ms. Austin

July 27 



Ms. Smith

December 19 

Ms. Peters

 September 6

Ms. Love


Mrs. Janese

 February 3

Ms. Lesiak

February 6

Ms. Loter

 June 2



Mrs. Osowsky

 July 28



Ms. Inge

 February 11

Ms. Villarreal

January 27



Ms. Porter

December 11

1st Grade


Ms. Wilson

March 29

Mrs. Blake

Mrs. Dickie

Mrs. Burnett

Ms. Sargent

Mrs. Rohrer


February 26

March 12

August 7

January 8

August 11 




PPCD & Resource

Ms. Kowald

Ms. Schmitz 

Ms. Fusselman





August 14 

April 4

2nd Grade


Ms. Girard


Mrs. Keni Scott

August 25

Mr. Burt


Mrs. Kim Scott

May 3 



Mrs. Isaacs

Ms. Stuebe

Mrs. Montes


October 26

June 29

January 18


Ms. Hancock

Ms. Andrews

Ms. Sanders


February 26

May 31


3rd Grade


Ms. Lund

April 18 

Mrs. Darden

Mrs. Findley

Mrs. Kibbel

Mrs. Bruce

Mrs. Wingard

November 22

July 7 

September 17

June 24 

July 5

Ms. Bruce

Ms. Mack

Ms. Gayle

Ms. Hayes


June 24 








4th Grade


Mrs. DeBerry

 May 28

Mrs. Slack

May 22 

Mrs. Gahagan

April 12

Mrs. Ellis

October 24 

Mrs. Lowe

October 23

Mrs. Rasberry

May 19

Mrs. Oster

March 29

Mrs. Terrazas

March 10

Mrs. Seltzer

November 1



Ms. Wisdom 

February 19

5th Grade


Mrs. Weaver

March 11

Mrs. Palmieri

September 2



Ms. Wonjo

April 22 



Mrs. Bingham

April 19



Mrs. McDowell

November 13



Mrs. Hovland

October 30































Staff Birthdays

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