Love taking pictures?  The yearbook needs YOU!  Please sign up to be a volunteer today!


The school year is well underway for our Lakeview students and families. The start of school also means the yearbook committee has already started the year-long process of creating our 2020-2021 yearbook.  This means we need your help by asking that you upload your pictures to our yearbook eShare site at and enter the school code: Lakeview or click on the following link: to bypass the login screen. You will also want to download the HJ eShare app for Android of iPhone where you can upload pictures straight from your smartphone.


Uploading tips:

  • If you took a series of photos, pick the BEST of the series and upload that one photo. Please do not upload blurry, out of focus, or underexposed pictures. Our yearbook staff is a small team of volunteers. 
  • Be sure to label each picture with the grade and student name(s).
  • Try to take pictures of groups of students.
  • Upload pictures as soon as possible after the event. Our goal is to have the pages for an event completed within two weeks of the event. If you wait until the end of the year to upload your photos, those pages will likely already be finished and submitted to the publisher. We will send out reminders, just please keep this in mind.

Are you creative?  Like graphic design?  The yearbook team needs YOU!  Please sign up to volunteer today!

Volunteer Opportunities

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